Will You Chip In To Fight The TPPA?


The TPPA is so shrouded in secrecy, even our elected politicians don't know what’s in the deal, but what we do know (from leaks) is if New Zealand signs the TPPA it could:

  • Allow companies to sue our government if they make decisions which negatively affect big business’ potential profits (like capping energy prices, or introducing plain packet cigarettes).

  • Stop us from tightening rules around mining, fracking and drilling, GE and climate change.

  • Make life-saving medicines unaffordable to millions and put more of our health budget into the pockets of the big drug companies.

Here’s the deal. Without a strong public outcry, politicians will only hear the concerns of multinational corporations. And once the TPPA is signed, it’s here forever.

There’s no expiration date for the TPPA, and it’s almost impossible for governments to withdraw.

Signing this secret deal could cost us our ability to protect our democracy, honour the Treaty and ultimately our sovereignty.

Will you make a donation now to help fund a massive, people-powered ad campaign across the country?

  • $1,000 will pay for a 2 week long street poster campaign (estimated reach: 10,000 people)
  • $4,000 will pay for a one month long nationwide radio ad campaign (estimated reach: 80,000 people)
  • $8,500 will pay for one full-page ad in a national newspaper (estimated reach 100,000 people)
  • $10,000 will pay for one prime-time television commercial (estimated reach 185,000 people)

Even if we raise a small amount, or if we raise a little bit more than any of these targets, we'll use that to pay for specific targeted online advertising. Once we hit our target, everyone that chipped in to this campaign will receive an email with a survey giving you the chance to vote on where and how you think the money is best spent. Our job is to facilitate!

UPDATE: We've joined forces with SumOfUs to reach even more people for this campaign! There is power in numbers!

 And here are some designs we could use for the ads...

Click here to see the first draft of the newspaper ad design

$10,963.50 raised
GOAL: $10,000.00


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